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Wedding Ceremonies

Wherever you want, whenever you want, however you want - make it yours!


A wedding ceremony is about celebrating the union of two people who are committing the rest of their lives together. The most important element of this ceremony is that it means the most to the two people partaking in it. This is why celebrant led ceremonies can be so much more than a registrar led event. Yes, the registrar legalizes the process and this is something a celebrant can’t do (see more information on the legalities tab) but a celebrant can create you a bespoke, personalized, unique ceremony that can mean so much more and can make your wedding completely individual for you.

A celebrant led ceremony has no restrictions on where the ceremony can take place, when it can happen and how it can be conducted. This means if you dream of that outdoor wedding, long to say your vows by a waterfall or would like your ceremony to be at the same location as your wedding reception this can happen. The celebrant led wedding will not be legal but this registration can be done before or after your wedding much like you would register a birth or death. The most important part of a wedding is the words that are spoken and the content that is shared, making it a celebration to be remembered.


Prices start from £550.00

This includes:

  • Free no obligation initial meeting

  • Discussions around the type of ceremony you want to create including how you met, love stories, key life moments, music, poems, and readings you would like to be included (I can also support you with some ideas if you’re not sure what to include)

  • Creation of the ceremony script – with one redraft opportunity

  • Conduct your ceremony the way you want

  • A copy of the ceremony script for you to keep

Supplementary items can be added for an extra cost:

  • Personalised symbolic and ceremonial moments such as hand-fasting, message gathering, songs and dances

  • Increased length of ceremony (over 30 minutes)

  • Additional redrafts of the ceremony script and order of service

  • Rehearsal of the ceremony a few days before the event

Travel expenses charged at 50p per mile after the first 10 miles.

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