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Booking your Ceremony

How to get started

  1. Send me a message with a brief outline of what you are wanting to mark with a ceremony, and to arrange a free no obligation chat. We can discuss the type of ceremony you are wanting and agree the type of package that would suit your event.

  2. The booking form will be sent for further detail, confirmation of arrangements and deposit paid.

  3. We shall meet or video chat (depending on location) to start creating the personalised and bespoke ceremony for your event at our agreed fee.

  4. After our initial meeting I will send you the order of ceremony and script for final amendments.

  5. On the day I will conduct the ceremony at your event.

  6. To remember your ceremony, I will provide you with a keepsake copy of the script and certification of the event.

Get in Touch

* Thank you for your inquiry *

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