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Making your celebrant led ceremony legal!


Any ceremony delivered by an independent celebrant does not involve the legal registration process. For a naming or celebration of life this is not an issue as you would register the birth or death and then plan the ceremony afterwards, for whenever you feel the most appropriate time would be for it to take place.

Weddings can also work in this way as the ceremonial aspect can take place wherever and whenever you chose. All you need to do is simply register this commitment at the registry office before, on or after your wedding day.


You can register the wedding and have a ceremony at the same time and the registration team do offer a standard ceremony package.

With an independent celebrant you get a bespoke, personalised and unique order of service and the freedom to have your celebration at any location and time, as you don’t have to be restricted to a registered venue and set time slots on the register's calendar!

It is important that your ceremony means the most to you, with the words you want to hear, the stories and memories you want to share and the celebration that will fill your event with joy and love – marking that star moment in your life!

You don’t have to do things the traditional way – we can do it your way!

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