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Celebration of Life Ceremonies

Bringing memories together to remember our loved ones 

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Marking the end of a loved ones life can be one of the most difficult thing to face but also one of the most special ways of marking their life. It gives a time for reflection, sharing memories and celebrates the life journey by creating a unique ceremony with family and friends. It is an alternative way of saying goodbye with many personal touches which are meaningful to the life they have led.

You could make plans for your own funeral or for a loved one. The most important thing is this ceremony represents the true essence of the person we are celebrating through words, music and a coming together of all the people that wish to say goodbye, reflect and remember, in a personalized celebration of life. 

A celebration of life can be secular or incorporate religious elements, it is a personal preference of the life that is being celebrated and what they would have wished for. The ceremony can take place as part of the funeral which includes a service and a committal in the same day or alternatively it could be a separate memorial that is planned days, weeks or even a year after a smaller initial funeral. This gives some time to reflect and an opportunity for many people to contribute or share memories as part of the ceremony.

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Prices from £250.00

This includes:

  • Free no obligation meeting

  • Discussions around the type of ceremony you want to create including memories, stories, readings, music and songs (I can also support you with some ideas if you’re not sure what to include)

  • Creation of the ceremony script – with one redraft opportunity

  • Conduct your ceremony the way you want it 

  • A copy of the ceremony script for you to keep

Supplementary items can be added for an extra cost:

  • Increased length of ceremony (over 20 minutes)

  • Additional redrafts of  the ceremony script and order of service

Travel expenses charged at 50p per mile after the first 10 miles.

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