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Landmarks and Milestones

Marking life journeys, milestones and renewals

Marking a new journey in life, celebrating a key milestone or renewing a set of vows you have committed to can be something we over look and forget about. Whether it is marking a new transition or crossroad in your life, like a coming of age, a new career path or life style change this can be marked and celebrated as part of a bespoke ceremony. By marking this moment it can bring a sense of importance and affirm this new path you are about to embark on with close family and friends giving it clarity, support and importance to then be able to embrace this new stage with a foundation of love and confidence.

Renewing vows is also a ceremony that can be particularly powerful in bringing new life to a relationship, supporting the love and commitment of that couple into their future years. It could be that the renewing of vows includes children and grandchildren that can affirm the relationship as a growing family unit rather than just a couple.    

 A renewal or landmark ceremony can take any form, in any location and be created to represent exactly what you wish. There are lots of ideas of words, readings, poems, songs and music along with ritual and ceremonial moments that can be included to make the event just right for you.

Prices from £495.00

This includes:

  • Free no obligation meeting

  • Discussions around the type of ceremony you want to create including readings, poems, music and song (I can also support you with some ideas if you’re not sure what to include)

  • Creation of the ceremony script – with one draft opportunity

  • Conduct your ceremony the way you want it 

  • A copy of the ceremony script for you to keep

Supplementary items can be added for an extra cost:

  • Personalised symbolic and ceremonial moments

  • Increased length of ceremony (over 20 minutes)

  • Additional redraft opportunities of the ceremony script and order of service

  • Rehearsal of the ceremony a few days before the event


Travel expenses charged at 50p per mile after the first 10 miles.

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